All American Texan.....Out now!

Nov 9 | Posted by: Tracy Byrd

Multi Platinum recording artist Tracy Byrd releases his first album in 10 years, titled, All American Texan. The 10 song CD and digital release contains 7 songs written solely by Byrd and 1 song co-written with Byron Hill, as well as two wonderful ballads, Before I Die, written by Woody Mullis and Trey Matthews,and Only Jesus, written by Wynn Varble.

All American Texan is Byrd’s 10th studio album of his career that started in 1993, but is the first release of new music since his last project, “Different Things”, which came out in 2006.

All American Texan was recorded wholly, as it should be, in Texas...Tyler, Texas, to be exact, at Rosewood Studios. The project is a true self release, in the fact that Byrd controlled and guided the entire project himself from creation to retail release and beyond. Byrd enlisted the help of some great Texas musicians, Brett Danaher, Milo Deering, David Deshazo, Nate Coon, John Carroll, John Michael Whitby and Mike Rojas, and the ears of Greg Hunt and Drew Hall, of Rosewood studios to get this project to the finish line.

Byrd says it was the hardest but most rewarding project of his career. The song’s are definitely close to Byrd’s heart as he wrote 8 of the 10 songs himself, from the honky tonkin title track, “All American Texan” to the western swing fun “Texas Truck” to the deep self examination of “Roll with It” and the sexy and bluesy “Don’t Be in a Hurry”, as well as the older spiritual depth of “Before I Die”, “Only Jesus”, and “Take it to the Bank”, this album sounds like the life of a tough, but sensitive, thankful, but unapologetic, traditional and seasoned country singer. Check it out and see what you think of it. Available on ITunes, Google Play, and all digital outlets. CD’s available at Bucee’s in Texas, at and at any of Tracy Byrd’s live shows.

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